Top 6 Popular Music Players For Windows 10

Windows / Thursday, June 8th, 2017

On the go or wherever we are, music is one of the most important things to the people of every age. Even when we’re working, music helps as a stress buster. Music players are like the biggest savior of mankind, and everyone deserves to have a great one of these. With the rapid development and changing pattern of listening to music, music players for Windows desktops have also evolved significantly. Let’s look at the current top 6 music players for Windows 10.

Music Players For Windows

Top 6 Best Popular Music Players For Windows 10

  1. Groove Music

    Groove Music is a music player available by default on Windows 10 PCs. This app is also known as an app-child of Zune Music and the Xbox Music. This app supports online music streaming on a subscription basis and has been made the default music app and has taken the place of Windows Media Player but Groove Music still needs to have some additional features to complete overcome the competition with WMP.

    The Groove Music by Microsoft has a friendly user interface; you can create playlists, add albums and make queues as you wish. The radio and podcast facilities need a bit of work, but apart from that, it is a chic music player available.

    Groove Music

  2. 5K Player

    5K Player is a power packed music players for Windows 10 OS. This music player supports almost all kinds of audio file formats like M4A, MP3, WMA, MKA, FLAC, AAC, and more. The commendable feature in this music player has to be the sound effects and the free online music and the playlists. This player also support file conversion which allows you to convert YouTube files to MP3 and also has a CD/DVD support and very swift Airplay and music radio. The free streaming of music has to be the sugar points here.

    5K Player

  3. Windows Media Player

    Same with stuff in a better way, Windows Media Player 12 has evolved a lot and is the classic audio player for PCs of Windows 10. Windows Media Player 12 is available for Windows 8.1 and 10. You can access local music here, and there are a lot more playback functions for music on this music player if compared to Groove Music. You can purchase tracks and albums here, burn music into CDs, sync your music tracks and the music player had add-ons like audio effects, optimization, DVD playback and much more.

    Windows Media Player

  4. Media Monkey 4

    This is a relatively new audio player for the Windows 10 platform. It stands out from the rest because it supports playing music from a USB source and it also supports UPnP sharing. The other features of Media Monkey 4 include iOS sync and DLNA sharing. You can burn music into CD/DVD and also edit the CDs on Windows 10 PC. Music Monkey 4 supports plug-ins, importing from and you can also stream lyrics and music. There are add-ons like visualization made by Winamp, DSP, etc. All these features are mostly present in the standard version and are available for free and for added features, the charge is applicable.

    Media Monkey 4

  5. Spotify

    Not only for Windows 10, is Spotify trending software for both Android and iOS as well. Spotify is a great music player for streaming audio files. Spotify listeners can enjoy the same experience of Android and iOS on Windows 10 as well. This music player has a huge collection of music of many genres, music videos are also available for streaming, and there is also download and radio facility. The only glitch in this player is that it doesn’t support local music.


  6. VLC

    VLC has been rated as one of the best music players for all versions of Windows. For Windows 10 it is a very efficient music as well as video player. VLC is very customizable and supports all kinds of audio formats like Mp3, FLAC, AAC, AC3, ALAC and more. VLC is an excellent open source player.


These are the top six music players for your Windows 10 device. All of them are easily available on the internet and can be downloaded for free. Download and groove on!

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