10 Best Tips To Optimise Your Phone

Internet / Friday, December 8th, 2017

Benefits of optimising phone is you get full powerful performance, phone work effectively and efficiently.

There are few tips from which you can improve your phone speed and enjoy unforgettable experience.

Best Tips To Optimise Your Phone

10 Best Tips To Optimise Your Phone

  1. Remove bloatware

    Your phone come up with lots of preinstall apps which are known as bloatware . But if you do not want these default application you can get rid of them forever. You can disable them or uninstall them accordingly to your needs. Just go your phone settings and you can adjust these features accordingly.

  2. Fix your phone’s brightness

    Fixing your phone’s brightness according to your eyes and phone’s battery will surely make big difference. More brightness consume more battery of your phone . You can install some application​ to teach the adjustments for the different lighting environment. From this tip your phone performance will improve a lot.

  3. Disable animations

    Your phone has lots of animation transition. If you switch from one task to another you get to know this transition. When you disable all these animation your phone’s efficiency and speed will improve majorly.

  4. Remove unwanted apps

    There are lots of app in your phone which you don’t use that much and they are power hungry application. So first you should observe how often do you use certain apps then after that uninstall unused app and improve your phone speed.

  5. Avoid live wall paper

    Everyone loves animations and live wallpapers but some live wallpapers takes more space and consume more battery life. Because whenever you activate the home screen you will be opening live wallpapers and they eventually end up draining your battery .

  6. Use high speed memory card

    Memory card is the storage space Of the phone. If your phone has not has enough space then your phone speed and efficiency will also decrease So for high speed performance you should use quality memory card .

  7. Clear your cache data

    The application which you used constantly caching some data , which speed up the performance of your phone. But if you constantly see low storage signs then these cached days started hurting your phone performance. So time and again you should clear this cached data to maintain your phone on high efficiency.

  8. Remove or reduce widgets

    Widgets save your lots of time by help you to interact with several applications with once click. But while they save your time eventually they can decrease the speed of your phone. So if you want to improve the performance of your phone you should remove all the widgets of your phone.

  9. Root your smartphone

    By rooting your phone your device can performance increase tremendously and all your application will run on high speed .

  10. Update your smartphone

    If your phone and application are updated time and again they will consume less battery power and increase your phone efficiency. So update your phone frequently.

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Final Words

If you follow these above given tips, you should notice major difference on your phone. Your phone will run faster and smoother in long run. Apart from all these tips you can also different applications to clean your phone and increase your phone speed and efficiency.

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